Mens Guide To Wearing A Satin Shirt

When it’s time for a man to look his best, he will need a satin shirt. Are you taking a lady friend out on a date? Are you accompanying someone to a prom or winter formal? Or maybe you’re interested in looking sharp for a business venture? Well, stow away the polos, t-shirts, muscle tees. You will need a satin blend shirt in order to look positively handsome.

When to Wear Satin Shirts

There’s no way around it: satin shirts fall under the dressy category. Unlike the polo shirt, you can’t wear a satin shirt with your favorite jeans. You will wear a satin shirt to a wedding, bat or bar mitzvah, religious gathering, work, a date, or a formal dinner. Don’t get caught looking like minced meat’make sure your closet has at least one satin shirt for special occasions.

Best Satin Shirts

Designer Paul Fredrick has many stand out styles of the satin variety. Satin shirts already induce a timeless elegance, but Paul Fredrick’s designs are really top notch. You can’t help but look smug and stand up straight with one of these satin shirts.

Fac’onable’s trim fit satin shirts will make you look like a lean, mean fashion machine. We sincerely love the cut, design, and quality of Fac’onable’s satin shirts. The double barrel button cuffs are just right for cuff links.

While Men’s Warehouse isn’t necessarily a brand, the men’s store features plenty of satin shirts for any and every occasion.

Crisp, white satin tuxedo shirts are sharp. Take a look at photos of stars like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp as they saunter down the red carpet at celeb studded events. These men clean up nicely. Never deny the power of a tuxedo shirt.

Accessories to Accompany a Satin Shirt

Of course you will need accessories to complete your outfit. A tie is a must. Some men feel as if ties aren’t necessary, or that they can pull off a formal look without a tie. Be careful. Consider the type of formal occasion before you go completely tie-less. When seeking the best way to knot your tie search online for how to guides. Silk bow ties harmonize well with satin shirts.

Limit the amount of jewelry you wear. A diamond stud in your ear is acceptable. One ring is also okay. Nix big, gaudy jewelry.

Cuff links are also lovely, and great way to show off your personality. Seek out diamond cufflinks, round cufflinks, multi-colored cufflinks, or cufflinks engraved with your initials.

Don’t forget about suspenders. Matching bow tie and suspenders sets can also be paired with your formal ensemble.

Satin pocket squares are can coordinate with your tie and look great with tuxedos and suits.

How to Care for a Satin Shirt

Before hand washing or attempting to care for your satin shirt on your own, always read the care label. The more money you pay for your shirt the more likely you will have to use caution when you need the garment clean. If the shirt is able to be washed, wash by hand with soft liquid detergent. We highly suggest that your garment is dry cleaned. Seek a seasoned professional with a knack for eliminating stains and one that knows how to clean a satin shirt perfectly.

Get ready to look like you should be on the cover of GQ magazine; purchase your satin shirt today!

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