Splurge On Yourself With Designer Scarves

Looking for a gift to get yourself this holiday season? Want a fashion accessory that’s not only classic and timeless but also hip and trendy? Want to look like a million dollars without spending a fortune? Designer scarves are the perfect addition to many outfits. What makes the these so good is they can go with so many things and have both practical purposes and style. It adds that certain something to what you’re wearing to turn your look from good to great.

A designer scarf is a square, triangular, or semi-circular garment that is draped across your back and over your shoulders. Sometimes it might be held together in the front with a clasp and other times it might simply hang free. There are many types of availabel, from cashmere, velvet, and silk for more formal occasions to pashmina for less formal and informal occasions.

With so many options, colors, patterns, and styles, which one is the right one for you? How do you know which of the many accessories available should you own?

The answer is simple: you should have several. Approach them like you might buy shoes and belts: they are staple accessories and you need a few to go with a variety of outfits in a variety of circumstances.

You’ll want to get a few in a soft material like cashmere or silk or velvet. These should not have any frills or fringes on them and simply be one color. If they are woven, they should be tightly woven and preferably very smooth and perhaps even shimmery. Get ones in black, white, and whatever other color you might have in formalwear, including red, blue, or green. A deep purple might be nice this season, as well. For the office, find tight knits in a variety of neutral colors. Again, avoid ones with fringes or frills. For casual circumstances, choose loose knit scarfs in neutrals, warm colors, and earth tones.

In general, designer scarves made of a single color (rather than pattered) can be more versatile, however if you have a fairly plain, monochrome outfit, a patterned or multi-colored scarf could really make it stand out.

One of the important things to look for when you’re shopping, is to find ones that look great with your hair and eyes. In fact, if you can find one that brings out the vivid color of your hair or eyes (or matches the color of your eyes) even better! This is because these garments frame your face and almost seem to separate your body. They will highlight your face and if you choose the right color, they will do a great job of showing your best feature!

Designer scarves are both ancient and modern, both classic and trendy, both practical and stylish. Choose several and add them as staples to your wardrobel.

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