Prescription Sunglasses – For Fun In The Sun You Can See

There’s nothing worse than getting a blinding headache from the sun, especially if it’s because you don’t have a pair of prescription sunglasses! Even if you wear contact lenses, you’ve probably come across some times when a pair of prescription sunglasses would have come in handy.

Let’s say you’re at the beach all day, in and out of the water — well, even with all of the advances in contact lenses (disposables and those you can sleep in), lots of people who wear contacts still can’t swim in them, so they simply take the lenses out. Of course, then they can’t see all the fun they’re having.

The solution here would be to bring your contacts along in a travel case, but wear the prescription sunglasses to the beach from home and throughout the day. When you’re finished with the swimming at the end of the day, and the sun is no longer an issue, you can put in your contacts.

If you think the choice of frames is limited because the lenses are prescription, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that nearly every frame you see can be fitted with prescription lenses — shaded or not. You can bring your favorite pair of sunglasses to your optician or lens maker, hand over your prescription, and you’ll have yourself a pair of prescription sunglasses that look exactly like a pair of non-prescription sunglasses, in your shade of tint.

In fact, you can even get bi-focal sunglass lenses (they’re available in the same no-line option as non-shaded lenses). If your preference is to have your sunglasses darken or lighten according to how bright the sun is, that’s an option too. This kind of lens (photochromatic) may need a UV protective coating applied, so make sure to check with your lens maker.

For prescription sport sunglasses that are wraparound or goggle-like, you may have to avail yourself of a specialty retailer, but they are available (as are the prescription lenses used in masks for underwater diving). Ensure that all lenses are shatterproof and it’s worth any extra cost for a scratch-proof coating as well.

Protect your prescription sunglasses by carrying them in a hard case and using a soft, lint-free lens cloth to remove smudges or streaks. Unless your prescription changes drastically, you should have these glasses for some years to come, so the extra upfront costs will be worth it over time.

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