Latest Trends In Sunglasses

Latest Trends In Sunglasses

Sunglasses represent in a capacity of fun and sophistication. They are the embodiment of our spirits, the exhibition of our characters. We choose them like we choose our clothes according to our tastes, according to the latest fashionable trends. So what’s hot for the 2008/2009 season? We’ll tell you! Below is a list of the most recent high street fashion sunglass shapes, names and sizes around with enough information to give you an inkling of where to invest your money.
Classic Tortoise Shell Frames
These frames have been in fashion for years and seem set to become a classic regardless of the shape. Most of the major fashion houses have released at least one style featuring this trendy yet timeless look.

Whether your taste tends towards D&G, Dolce-Gabbana or Versaci, you’ll be able to find the tortoise shell frame available in different shapes and sizes with a variety of lenses. And just in case you’re wondering which of the trend-setting A-listers still were them, take a hint from us and have a look at the likes of Sienna Miller and Kate Moss.
A Touch of Free Love: The ’70s Thick Plastic Frames
These frames say something bold about the wearer, it says “I’m fashionable, I’m in vogue”. Reminiscent of the elaborate 1970s, the thick plastic frames come in all varieties and is said to be a design that will be taken on by most, if not all, of the top fashion houses in the world.

Of course we’d like to caution against choosing the wrong pair of these retro-looking sunglasses. While the ’70s are about to enter the arena and are set to be around for a very long time, other revival pieces focus around the ’80s and ’90s have run into a dead end. Pick wisely to ensure that you remain the pinnacle of your friends’ fashion circle.
The Lennon Effect
Get ready for one of the greatest revivals in decades: The John Lennon Round Sunglasses. Think Betsy Johnson, think Karen Walker – both of these designers has decided to include these revised versions of the classic John Lennon frame in their collections. To some they might resemble the ’70s thick plastic frames with their adapted design, but make no mistake: Mr. Lennon’s shades are as legendary as the man that wore them.
Oversized Matters
Thank you Rachel Zoe and well done Nicole Richie. What both of these women have in common is that they managed to bring the oversized look back into the fashion world, supplying it with oodles of edge. Armani, de la Renta and Christian Dior have all taken the cue and brought out some of the trendiest oversized frames yet. Available in both rounded and squared shapes, there will definitely be a house with a style that will suit your needs.

That being said, all that’s left for you is to decide which will fit best with the shape of your face and with the rest of your outfit. As the season has barely hatched, we suggest that jump quickly and update your style to the latest and greatest of styles around.

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