Sunglasses – The Favorite Fashion And Sport Accessory

When you are looking for high end sunglasses, do not just go for trendy styles and good looks. These lenses are protecting your eyes, and whether you are considering Dragon sunglasses, Ray Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, or any others, your sunglasses should be coated with ultraviolet light protection.

One of the highest ratings available is UV400, so you can judge the strength based on this factor. Sun protection is necessary no matter the season (or reason) you’ve put on a pair of shades: in summer, it’s sun and glare off the water; in winter, it is sun and glare off the snow.

Shatterproof lenses are a must; especially if you wear your sunglasses while playing sports or doing athletics. One type of material that is impact resistant is called polycarbonate, so that’s another feature you can be on the look-out for when considering a pair of Ed Hardy shades, or Liberty Sport or maybe Serengeti or Dragon sunglasses. Goggles certainly should be shatterproof and also have the same UV protection offered as sunglasses.

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes, but also the delicate skin around your eyes. If you squint a lot from being in the sun without sunglasses, you’ll form unsightly wrinkles around your eyes (also known as crows’ feet); furthermore, the lenses of the sunglasses keep the skin around your eyes from being exposed to potentially harmful UV rays.

When wearing your sunglasses, try to refrain from putting them on top of your head as the frame can stretch. If you’re constantly losing your sunglasses from taking them on and off, use a cord around your neck to keep them safe (and keep a second pair handy).

Also, you should never leave your sunglasses to bake on the dash in a hot car; depending on the material making up the frame, the sunglasses could heat up to a point where they become markedly soft and warp. Put them in a hard case to keep them safe.

If you’re wearing your sunglasses on the beach, boat or jet-ski, going in and out of the water all day, rinse them with fresh water when you’re done, and then dry them thoroughly.

This is because salt water can separate the laminated layers of plastic that make up most polarized lenses. You should clean smudges and streaks with a lens cloth, (either by itself or with a cleaning solution), and replace the lens cloth about twice a year for best results.

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