The Significance Of Spiritual Jewelry

Spiritual jewelry has always been a form of celebrating the body as well as a way of transcending into the real essence of the universe. Opposite to immaterial, nihilistic beliefs, most religions in the world offer followers some type of protection in the form of small items of jewelry.

The human spirit is undoubtedly connected to the human body. Transcendental tendencies which require a total isolation of the carnal form result in failure and frustration. On the contrary, embracing both dimensions of human existence has been regarded, mostly in Oriental religions, as the right way to ultimate knowledge.

Spiritual jewelry has played a vital role in this process. Imperfect as humans may be, tangible signs of that which is abstract or a sensible shape of that which is difficult to define has always been a strong necessity. Therefore, associating a small decorative object (taking one shape or another) with religious beliefs is not at all an uncommon practice around the world and throughout history.

Symbols and meanings of spiritual jewelry are always plentiful. The idea of creating spiritual jewelry without meaning or spiritual substance is obviously a paradox. Therefore, whatever sign it represents, whether it is more or less obvious, its influence will definitely not be a random one.

According to Indian beliefs only that part of the body which is covered in spiritual jewelry can be considered beautiful. Otherwise, a jewel-free appearance is simply unsatisfactory and incomplete. This is the point from where the significance of such items of jewelry springs. It is but a matter of symbiosis: the female body without it is austere and not at all graceful; spiritual jewelry without direct connection to the human nature and metaphysical symbols is hollow and meaningless.

In ancient times, spiritual jewelry also had the purpose of transforming the image of the person who wore it; it was believed that the individual wearing it could reach the perfection and ultimate beauty that was specific to nature alone. Therefore, people wearing it were not only beautiful in an earthly, perceivable way, but they were also protected by misfortune and destined for good luck. It was only natural that the abundance of symbols from nature, and then architecture principles should finally contemplate the human body as a form of everlasting search for perfection and cosmic unity.

In the ancient times, there was the Tika, a complex piece of jewelry made of a chain, a hook and a pendant. Worn in the parting of the hair, it stood for the woman’s role of preservation in the world. Nowadays, things may be surprisingly similar… Upon further inspection, you will probably agree that even in present times, spiritual jewelry has the purpose of offering protection, good luck and healing; in addition, it will attract attention to a certain part of the body and offer it a wonderful, unique touch.

It is also a matter of position spiritual jewelry, when positioned right, can work wonders. Necklaces, for example, are among the most popular, since they are positioned very close to the heart, and thus are believed to have a greater power of influencing the flow of feelings.

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