Do You Know What Else Luxury Brands Created Besides Handbags?

Do You Know What Else Luxury Brands Created Besides Handbags?

Tina is very pleasant to share any comment on replica handbags of luxury brands here. Currently, it seems that the cross-over marketing between luxury brands and common brands gradually becomes a fashion trend. Simply to say, maybe these luxury brands waken up to know they are facing consumers of middle class as well, while not only the riches who have great status in society. Selling affordable items could help to gain much money for them. After all, this is a commerce society, isn’t it? Especially in the present economy crisis, they have to explore a effective way to make a living. Here I list some creation of luxury brands which are not their first line, while really gave us a taste of fashion.


In 2007, the first Prada mobile phone by LG is a masterpiece, giving us a glimpse of advanced technology. In the year, Prada designed costumes for�AppleseedEx Machina’ which is the continuation of Japanese 3D movie APPLESEED.

Be the sponsor of the Double Club in December, 2008. See the picture, do you think it is stylish, faddish, even just like live in the future?

In 2009, Prada planed to cooperate with Korea Hyundai to design cars.

Christian Dior �My Dior’ Phone

Christian Dior has unveiled its first luxury phone clad in red, silver, or purple with flap closure. Priced from $5500 to $26000. Even it comes with 640 pieces of crystals of Swarovski. I wish I could have the luxurious item.

Dolce &Gabbana Restaurant

Dolce &Gabbana spreaded people’s appetite to the restaurant which brazenly show luxury and ambiguity. Only with the word �Gold’ can perfectly describe the restaurant, no matter the name or the fitment. To come straight to the point, please admit me to name it at the moment. As far as I concerned, the whole building even the menu are packed with gold foil which is enough brave to catch your eyes.

Gucci Caf

Frankly speaking, I have never imaged that Gucci would open a cafe bar. While actually it does. The cafe located in Tokyo, Japan. You must be wonder to know why the Italian luxury brand Gucci built its unique Caf in Tokyo. Of course, the city takes an important status in the eyes of Gucci. Though featuring simple style, its waiters are all of beauty. Seems very wonderful!

Versace Dubai Hotel

Though the great designer Gianni Versace has passed away several years, his name still live in fashion industry. While people seldom know that Versace even made success in hotel industry. Now, the hotel he once invested to build has became a little scenic spot in the coast of Australia. His gorgeous living taste can manifested from the hotel all over.

Salvatore Ferragamo Wine Brand: IL BORRO

How about Ferragamo trying to make wine? When people meet Salvatore Ferragamo for the first time, they might be surprised to learn that he doesn’t design women’s shoes and handbags. Yes, Ferragamo family espanded its brand into the wine industry. Cooperated with EOSIS Co., it held a wine party in the leader shop of Shanghai, China. There, guests got the valuable chance to taste the wonderful wine from Florence manor. Actually, there is no need to surprise with that, just think of wine as a luxury brand item like shoes and handbags.

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