How To Choose Right Size Belt

If you are a fashion lover and looking for something inexpensive that can make you look fantastic, you can buy a belt of correct size for you. A simple clothing scheme can be turned into a fantastic one with the help of a belt of correct size. Identifying the correct size of belt for yourself is extremely important as belt is the most important accessory nowadays that individuals carry with them. There is a wide variety of belts available in the market, but only you can choose the right type and size of belt for yourself. This article focuses on some important points that should be kept in mind while shopping for a belt of correct size.
You should not check the entire length of the belt as it will not help you in searching the belt of correct size. The correct size of the belt can be measured from the line, which is present between leather and the buckle and the middle hole at the other end. Have you ever seen the sizes of belts labeled as XS or XL? Well, these are numbers doubled by indicators of letters. Some manufacturing companies use this scheme for size indication.
A good question that arises here is that: Should we choose the size of belt exactly equal to the size of our waist line. The answer is a straightforward “No”! You should select a belt, which is two inches longer than your waist line. Take the help of assistant of the shop if you are unable to read any label on the belt. Some models of belts are already labeled with special figures that illustrate the belt size.
If you are not feeling satisfied about the measurements made by the manufacturers, you can simply trust on the information that is given. In order to measure belt size you can simply lay it down firm on any rigid surface and then measure it in same way as told above that is from line between leather and buckle part to the hole. This method will help you in knowing the appropriate size of belt for you.
You are measuring belt wrong, if you are measuring it from one tip to other. You are not considering the measurements for waist line in this case. So, one can easily say that entire length provides nothing on the size of the belt. Buckle length should never be included in the size of the belt! You can also check the correct size of belt by measuring the distance in inches from most comfortable hole to and from where the belt easily folds around the buckle.
Remember, a standard belt with plain buckle should be one size larger than the pants. Let me give you an example, if you wear pants of waist 32″, you should buy a belt of 34″. You can calculate the belt length from the strap at the buckle end to the middle hole; hence a belt of 36″ will fit pants of waist varying from 32″ to 36″. Buckle is almost 2″ in length! In such case, get a strap of the belt that is closer to the actual size of the waist. If you try on a belt, simple loop it via the loops of the belt and just clip it up. One simple rule can always help you in choosing the right size of belt for yourself. What is that? “Always choose the belt that is 2″ larger than the waist size of your pants. Many people make mistake of measuring the belt from tip to tip. This is useless because it cannot tell you that which belt size is most suitable for your personal use.

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