Men,don’t Get Your Belts Wrong

One day when I skimmed a fashion maganzine in cafe, a column of Readers ‘Asking drew my attention. A male reader asked, you editors said in last issue that men should wear a belt which have a close color to his clothes, but as I saw in photos of your magazine,most of models are just doing in the opposite way. Please tell me why?

I don’t know whether you have ever met such a puzzle or not. As the editor replyed,ordinary people are not supposed to imitame all style professional models show on catwalks or before cameras. It is not wisdom for that man to learn from those models who wear totally diffenrent colors of belts and clothes. Think about the daily episode of real life, for going to work, you wear a black shirt and a pair of dark pants, but you choose a cream-colored belt to match them .Look into the mirror, do you feel good? Even though such a suit is likely to make a top model look quite fashionable.

What if you have a light color belt? Matching it to a pair of light pants is a nice way, but remember, you had better not choose a black shirt to match them .

For Men who need to attend normal occasions, the match of white shirt and dark pants is always a basic style.At this moment, you have to assure that the colors of your belt and your pants are very close .

Except for the problem of color, using different shape of belts to match corresponding dress style is need to be considered. On formal occasions, don’t choose a too-narrow belt to match a suit, and the design of buckles ought to be nomal, or it will stand out too much.

In my view, a basic black belt is quite necessary for every is siutable for men of a range of ages .Besides, men, especially young men, can have many other style belts.That depends the dress style you prefer : Narrow one is fashionable, colorful one can make you look lively, a striking buckle, of course may show your cool, but sometimes strange design is unexpected.

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